Approved by AICTE, New DelhiAffiliated to VTU, Belagavi Recognized By Govt. Of Karnataka

Major Areas of Research

Chemistry Department

  • Honeycomb monolithic structures – Dr. Sujata F. Harlapur
  • Fire resistant materials and structures – Dr. Sujata F. Harlapur

Computer Science & Engineering

  • Resuscitated the Software Development Life Cycle analogical to theology to make it more efficient –
    Dr. Shivanand M. Handigund
  • Developed Software project management activities based on equipollency – Dr. Shivanand M. Handigund
  • Developed technique to decompose programming system for multicore architecture – Dr. Shivanand M. Handigund

Electronics & Communication Engineering

  • Efficient 2-Level and 3-Level inverters and boosters to harness solar power to 440V and synchronize the frequency with the grid – Dr. A Ramachandran
  • Design and fabrication of quality strain gauge amplifiers for in-house use – Dr. A Ramachandran

Mechanical Engineering

  • Study of the system to avoid severe damages and loss of life during vehicle collision – Dr. Vijayasimha Reddy B.G & Mr. Mujeeb Pasha
  • Wear of materials – Mr. Ashok Kumar C.N.
  • Composite materials, including natural fiber composites – Mr. Lokesh G. Reddy
  • Use of fuels to replace/reduce the use of diesel, the study of their effects and efficiencies – Dr. MrityunjayaSwamy K M
  • Friction stir welding – Mr. Hemanth Kumar P.
  • Natural Fibre reinforced composites – Ms. Meenalochani K.S.
  • Nano Technology, Bamboo, Plastics – Mr. Subramanyam J
  • Heat transfer in porous media, MATLAB – Ms. B. Aparna
  • Composite materials, fracture mechanics – Mr. Chetan K Y
  • Composite materials – Mr. N Kiran Kumar

The Mechanical Engineering laboratories are particularly well equipped with test facilities, some of these are designed and fabricated in-house. Most of the facilities are funded by the seed money granted by the management. Research funds of 50 lakhs from VGST, KSCST have been received and further funds are sought for from DST, VGST, etc.,

Physics Department

  • Study of Bio-polymers, natural resins – Mr. R.S. Praveen Kumar
  • Use of laser for particle irradiation on velocity measurements – Mr. R.S. Praveen Kumar
  • Organic conductors and nanocomposites – Ms. S. Shilpa