Approved by AICTE, New DelhiAffiliated to VTU, Belagavi Recognized By Govt. Of Karnataka

Grants Applied Received

Sl. No Name of the faculty Title of the project Granting Agency Applied date Amount (Lakhs)
1 Prof. Chandrashekar S M / Dr.A.Ramachandran Performance Analysis of Temperature Sensors for Cryogenic Applications ISRO 20/10/2017 40.00
2 Dr. Vijayasimha Reddy / Dr.T.Yella Reddy / Prof. Ashok Kumar C.N. Indigenous Development of Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar ISRO 20/10/2017 30.00
3 Prof. S. Mukul Manohar / Prof. Indu .M High Power generation using flexible solar array ISRO 29/09/2017 50.00
4 Dr. M. Ramakrishna Centre of Excellence in Science, Engineering and Medicine (CESEM) VGST 30/10/2017 20.00
5 Dr. Ambareesh .S Awards for Research Publications by Science Faculty (ARP) VGST 30/10/2017 00.25
6 Prof. Chandrashekar S M DC-DC-AC Converter for solar application VGST 08/11/2017 06.85
7 Dr. Suneetha FDP Program on Embedded system lab VGST 08/11/2017 02.00
8 Prof. Rajanna M Python Programming VGST 30/10/2017 20.00
9 Dr. Aparna B Design and development of kitchen waste based biogas plant & performance evaluation of gasifier VGST 30/10/2017 20.00
10 Prof. Mujeeb Pasha Training Center for Computer Numerical Control Machines VGST 30/10/2017 60.00
11 Prof. S. Mohan FDP on Nondestructive testing VGST 30/10/2017 02.00
12 Prof. Mukul Manohar Green Energy using piezo electric leaf VGST 03/11/2017 05.00
13 Dr. Kariyappa. R Educational Research Center for Image Processing VGST 30/10/2017 60.00
14 Dr. Sujata F. Harlapur Green Synthesis of Nano Materials for Multifunctional Applications VGST 30/10/2017 20.00
15 Prof. Purushotham Nayaka Development of Trenching Attachment for Power Tiller VGST 30/10/2017 05.00
16 Dr. Kariyappa. R Award for Research Publications (ARP) VGST 30/10/2017 00.25