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Vision & Mission


1 Dr. Vijayasimha Reddy B. G. Chairman, Management Member Professor & Principal
2 Dr. Chandrashekar S. M. Faculty Member Professor & Vice-Principal
3 Dr. Ramakrishna .M Faculty Member Professor & HoD-CSE
4 Dr. Rajanna .M Faculty Member Professor & HoD-ISE
5 Dr. Parameswara M. C. Faculty Member Assoc. Professor & HoD-ECE
6 Prof. Elavarasi .V Faculty Member Asst. Professor & HoD-Civil
7 Dr. Kantharaju H. C. Faculty Member Assoc. Professor & HoD-AI&ML
8 Dr. Sujatha F. Harlapur Faculty Member Professor & HoD-Chemistry
9 Dr. Kempegowda .M Faculty Member Assoc. Professor & HoD-Mathematics
10 Mr. Gopal Reddy L. N. Administrative Officer Registrar
11 Mr. Sridhar Reddy .K Administrative Officer System Engineer
12 Mr. S. Krishna Reddy Local Society Member District Chairman, Agara – Lions Club
13 Ms. Srusti H. R. Student Member Student – 5th Semester ECE
14 Mr. Sagar .J Alumni Member Engineer – Quadzen Wireless Soulutions
15 Mr. Vyasan Vadakkeveedu Industrialist Member CEO - Scientegralabs
16 Mr. Mukul Manohar .S Incubation & Start-up Member Asst. Professor & Head Incubation
17 Dr. Lokesha .G Coordinator Professor & HoD-Mechanical

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Action Report


About us

With a mission to impart the quality technical education to each and every segment of society, ReddyJana Sangha coveted dream came into existence in 1999 with the beginning of Vemana Institute of Technology, guided by KRJS Management.

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