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Department of Mechanical Engineering:

M/s. Prinston-Smart Engineers on Automation & Robotics, Delhi
M/s. Kshripra Simulations Ltd, Bengaluru
M/s. KGTTI, Bengaluru
M/s. Ezenith India Ltd, Mumbai
M/s. Syscon, Bengaluru

Department of Civil Engineering:

M/s. Prayojana Construction Management Training Institute.

Department of Electronics & Comm. Engineering:

M/s. Bosch for Skill Development for the faculty & students of ECE, CSE & ISE in Medical Image Processing with Artificial Intelligence.
M/s. Advanced Electronic Systems for 4-weeks internship program on product development for all ECE students annually.

Department of Computer Science / Information Science Engineering: For Internet of Things (IoT) in association with M/s. Subex Digital LLP, Bengaluru.

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering: For Embedded Systems in association with M/s. Texas Instruments.

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With a mission to impart the quality technical education to each and every segment of society, ReddyJana Sangha coveted dream came into existence in 1999 with the beginning of Vemana Institute of Technology. Karnataka ReddyJana Sangha, one of the pioneers in the field of Education guided by a well-known Educationist Sri. H.N. Vijayaraghava Reddy.

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