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How to Choose An Engineering College that is ideal for you

This article focuses on giving you, guidance on How to choose the best engineering college in Bangalore , it also applies to entire India.

Hey There ! 12ites, Its time take informed decisions for life on your further education and career. Yes, It’s time. School life is almost over and its time to step into the bigger world. If you follow others blindly like the rats of the pied-piper you will fall somewhere in the forest and will be found nowhere. You will never get a chance to stand out in the crowd and in career. I know you don’t want that. I know you all have dreams, you want to be the whale in the pacific, but how? You are still confused which engineering stream / major to take up and which engineering college to choose let it be a Bangalore or Karnataka as a whole. The engineering college or the major which you like, your best friend isn’t likely to take that up and you don’t want to leave him. This is just the start of the confusion matrix, you have a lot more coming up your way. Choosing the best engineering college in Bangalore is always a tough and confusing task. We try to throw some light and make it easy for you.

Guide Choosing the Engineering Stream

Choosing the Best Engineering College in Bangalore


Big time now, you have to think of the engineering major stream which excites you the most and you never feel sleepy or tired of studying it and at the same time the college you choose should be the best engineering college for your interested major. Trust yourself and your internal guidance system, this is the subject for you, you should take this up and go forward for higher education. Be confident, be imaginative and believe that you can do it. We will help you hand in hand to guide you to the best possible engineering college in Bangalore, let it be computer science, mechanical engineering, Electronics and communications engineering or civil engineering.


The only way to finish is to start! So now if you have decided in your mind which engineering stream you like the most and which stream to take up but you are confused which engineering college would be the best pick then start searching from today. There is no rulebook that you have to follow to find the best engineering college in Bangalore, but certainly there are some steps which is going to make life easier for you.

A recent study says, there are around 789 universities and almost 37,204 colleges in India, as of 2017 Feb, the numbers must have increased by now. Out of these many engineering colleges would give you a good life, better future and at the same time the student life experience.

Here comes your first step, find out which universities and engineering colleges provide the course you want to take up and list them down and start your research. Don’t go by the top 10 list of engineering colleges in India or lets say Bangalore if you are just looking for one in Bangalore, rather pick those engineering colleges which are at least 15 years old and has continuously showed improvement and growth, check their affiliation, placement, and

take the second step, check for the cut-off, and match if your marks card portfolio is eligible for an application to admission, if not, nothing to worry, you cannot change your marks card so be proud of who you are you will get an admission into a top tier engineering college, there are other good colleges who do not judge you by your marks card, they judge you by your knowledge. And if yes, woohoo! there you go. Take up the admission test and study well before appearing for it. Cracked? Yes! Set to go?

Jump to the third step, reach out to the engineering colleges who have sent you an offer letter, talk to the team, the alums, you can connect them via social media. Listen what they have to say about their college and what make their engineering collage the best in Bangalore, check for the college’s reputation, social media presence, follow their page, see their recent updates, check what others have to say about the college, download their recruitment and placement brochure and compare, choose the one with higher percentage of average CTC.

The fourth step, there are a lot of engineering colleges who make fake promises beware! This is one of the most important step, don’t get swayed by the marketing tactics, verify with the alumni, check where the alumni are and their current position and then make a decision.

Choosing the Top Engineering College in Bangalore

The fifth step is to visit the engineering colleges, check the locality, and check the profile of the professors and the kind of research they have contributed to. Find which university the engineering college is affiliated to. Observe how the college environment and gender-mix. What kind of accommodation the college provides the sanitary and food, because these are basics of life and if these are not provided you might end up getting depressed and sick, remember health comes first. If your health goes down you would never be able to focus in studies and your career graph will definitely go down. The best engineering colleges always puts more emphasis on these basic facilities to make sure the students are healthy and sound.

The sixth step is call for advice, your high school teachers, counsellors, mentors and your parents take their advice though the choice is yours, they would help you think through your choices. Get all your doubts cleared by the engineering college admissions officer.

And the final step comes: take one step at a time, you have done a lot of research and come across a big journey now you are ready to take your final decision and your admission. Don’t over think, which ever engineering college is providing you the best opportunities grab it, hold it and start it.

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