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Governing Council

1 Sri. S. Jayaram Reddy Chairman President-KRJS
2 Sri. K. N. Krishna Reddy Member General Secretary-KRJS
3 Dr. T. Yella Reddy Member Dean R&D - Vemana IT
4 Dr. K. P. Jagannath Reddy Educationist, Member Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Aerospace Engg. – IISc.
5 Dr. G. Jagadeesh Educationist, Member Professor, Dept. of Aerospace Engg – IISc.
6 Dr. S. Gopalakrishnan Educationist, Member Professor, Dept. of Aerospace Engg – IISc.
7 Dr. M. G. Venkatesh Murthy VTU Nominee, Member Director, NDRK Institute of Technology, Hassan
8 Dr. H. T. Talawar DTE Nominee, Member DTE
9 Dr. Nemichandramma Educationist, Member Retd. General Manager & Dean - HAL Mgt. Academy
10 Dr. U. Chandrashekar Industrialist, Member Programme Director, AddWize - Wipro Infrastructure Engg.
11 Prof. Chandrashekar. S. M Senior Faculty Vice-Principal - Vemana IT
12 Dr. Vijayasimha Reddy. B. G Member Secretary Principal – Vemana IT

About us

With a mission to impart the quality technical education to each and every segment of society, ReddyJana Sangha coveted dream came into existence in 1999 with the beginning of Vemana Institute of Technology, guided by KRJS Management.

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